Who we are

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Relational is a refuge for social technologists: people who care deeply about how humanity interfaces with the digital world. This is a space for us to convene, discuss and work together in building social-first products.

Digital technology is ushering in an unprecedented change in how the world operates. It seems like every day there’s a new technical innovation that provides us with a new perspective on how to be human.

To keep pace with the changes that keep-on-coming, we play. By exploring what’s possible, we find new, delightful ways to be human together.

We’re a volunteer-run, unofficial organization, working on the fringes of the digital tech frontier. Our core team has been playing together for 4+ years, and we’re figuring things out as we go.


Kristen Pavle

Kristen Pavle

Dave Gorum

Dave Gorum


Jon Borichevskiy

CJ Pais

Tony Llongueras

Jordan McCommons



Arthur Tyukayev


Relational started in 2019, Kristen and Dave followed their shared entrepreneurial spirit, and set out on a mission to build digital tools that helped people better connect. Their vision was a social milieu rooted in relationship, in meaning, and finding value here first. So began Relational in earnest.